How to Use

Looking to find the perfect partners for a dream threesome? Here are some of our top tips for finding a threesome online:

Create a Killer Profile

Make sure to take the time to fill out a detailed profile on our dating site! Make sure you fill out all the necessary information in your profile and clearly state what type of threesome you're looking for.

Anyone that visits your profile will know exactly what you're looking for, increasing your chances of finding the right people for threesome fun. Already have a profile but aren't finding much luck? Consider updating your information to make sure it's relevant!

Choose the Right Photos

It's always a good idea to include a few nice photos on your dating profiles when looking for a threesome online. Make sure to avoid just using selfies, instead choosing a nice range of different shots to compliment your entire body!

If you're a couple looking for a third person to join you in the bedroom, then make sure to include some photos of you together! Also, if you're looking for a threesome online, keep an eye out for couples' photos!

Be Upfront

Even if you're using dating apps and sites aimed at threesomes and casual sex, always be open about what you want when making a move. You should always tell your partners that you want a threesome and take the time to ask what they want and need from the experience.

Some people may want to get chatting before committing to a threesome, so make sure you're willing to put in the effort before any of the fun stuff begins!

Also, be open about what you'd like to try in a threesome, ensuring everyone is comfortable and boundaries are respected.

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